Why You Should Care About Ethanol Free Gas

There has been a general uproar amongst a number of motorists in the United States regarding the amendment of the Clean Air Act which has essentially approved the use of ethanol in motor fuels.

Whereas the intentions of doing this might have been pure with a genuine urge to protect the environment and reduce the cost of energy in the country, it came along with terrible consequences to the consumers.

Therefore, before you get excited about the perceived reduction in the price of gas, the truth is it would be a good idea if you stuck to ethanol free fuels.

Facts About Ethanol

Ethanol is known to attract moisture and other impurities. This is one of the major reasons why ethanol blended fuels are never transported in pipelines since they cause the lines to rust and in some cases get cracked. When blended with the fuels, it causes the same effects to the engine block. It will lead to a buildup of water in the fuel tank which will eventually cause corrosion and cracking of the engine block. Ultimately, an engine overhaul might be necessary.

The other dismaying thing about ethanol based fuels is the fact that they results into decreased mileage as compared to gasoline. They hold less energy than gasoline hence will require a larger volume to give the same performance. Most drivers using ethanol blended fuels have noticed a decrease of about 20 and 30 percent in their mileages as a result of using the fuel blends.

The Solution

Though ethanol free gas is becoming scarce with each and every day in the United States, it still remains the best shot in offering great performance and preserving the car engine. Through various policies, the government is keen on encouraging the use of ethanol blend fuels while casting a blind eye to the cries of the motorists. But still, there are a number of gas stations that offer ethanol free fuels to customers. It would therefore be ideal to know the locations of such stations so that you can avoid the ethanol fuel blends. This will save you from a lot of engine troubles in the future.